Guest brand: 第3回ゲストブランドのご紹介 〜Andes Gifts〜


We would like to introduce our 3rd ethical guest brand “Andes gifts” from Bolivia and Peru in South America. Women in mountainous district are making these products by hands, products are registered to fair trade mark. Hand knitted products are very soft and breathe well!

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September,2016 Nihon Keizai Shimbun (News paper)

VEGANIE’s director Chiaki has been interviewed by Nihon Keizai newspaper about challenging ethical lifestyle market in Japan. Thanks for editor’s passionate and deep insight for this interview.



2016年7-9月Metro min. / Oz magazine

July to Sep. 2016 Metro min./ Oz magazine

スターツ出版社 Metro min./ Oz magazineにTrueberry+VEGANIEの表参道店舗を取り上げて頂きました。取材頂きありがとうございました。
Japanese  lifestyle magazine “Metro min.” and  “Oz Magazine ” has featured our Trueberry+VEGANIE shop in Omtesando. Thanks you so much for all staff involved in this work.

2016年8月東京アメリカンクラブ「In Touch」

外国人向け会員制クラブである東京アメリカンクラブの月間冊子「In touch」8月号にて、代表のChiaki の活動を取り上げて頂きました。ありがとうございました!
VEGANIE’s director Chiaki has been interviewed by Tokyo American club’s monthly member’s only magazine “In touch”August. Thanks for editors with their passionate discussion on Ethical scene and people’s interests for ethical lifestyle in Japan.



11月POP UP SHOPS@東京アメリカンクラブ、東急本店、SHORT TERM SHOP広尾

Pop up shops in November


11月3日-9日 東急本店1階 コロリーダスフェアに一部商品(サリー商品)を販売
11月8日-10日 東京アメリカンクラブ B1にて販売
11月8日-16日 広尾 SHORT TERM SHOP にてTammy’s Treats の催事にて一部商品を販売
( 店舗は、駅から徒歩2分。広尾商店街のスターバックス横にあります。)

We will have several pop up shops in November. At pop up shop at Tokyo American Club, we will have new Autumn & Winter products! Hope to see you all soon.

3rd-9th Nov.  @ Tokyu Honten Shibuya 1F (Sari products are available)
8th-10th Nov. @Tokyo American Club B1  (Free entry)
8-16th Nov. @ Hiroo Short term shop (Part of our products are available at Tammy’s treats pop up shop)tac-international-bazaar-2016-external


Ethical is not only ADDITION of Value but is also SUBTRACTION









Trueberry +VEGANIE Shop has been featured by Nihon Keizai News paper on 4th Sep.
The reporter kindly has visited our shop 2,3 times for interview and research, we discussed about “ Ethical consumption of food and lifestyle goods”, delved into issues that Ethical market faces now more deeply.
For example, as reporter says in the article, The fair trade market size is 200 billion in England, 90 billion in Germany but still only 10 billion market in Japan. It made me wonder what makes this difference even we (Japan) are all same so called advanced country?

When I hear about “Fair-trade”, I remember what a friend from England said to me in the past.
“ When you guys get on the plane, pets are treated as a baggage, you can’t stay with pets in most of hotels. isn’t it sad a bit?”.
I was just totally embarrassed about myself and had no words to rebel against it. Probably we have to admit that we are behind England and Germany in terms of some ethical issues.

In other hand, I also think there’s some misunderstanding about our low awareness to ethical issues.
The word “Ethical“ is not know well in Japan but we do have alternative words like “ Mottainai”, “Knowledge of Grandma” that no other countries don’t have.
When we say “Ethical”, we tend to imagine to consume something good for nature and people but we have to remember that “Mottainai” is the best word to express “Ethical”.
It’s absolutely ethical action to maintain Grandma’s Kimono, make a floorcloth from ragged cloth, selling dresses at free market.

If this “Mottainai” is Japanese strength, why shouldn’t we leverage our strength?
Why don’t we find ways to reduce waste in our everyday life and live with the spirit of Mottainai?
As Junichiro Tanizaki tells us in “In praise of shadow”, we have culture of subtraction! I believe that Ethical living can come by making consumption choices that add value to society and by reducing waste, living with Japanese spirits of Mottainai- Ethical is Subtraction!


Guest brand : 第2回ゲストブランドのご紹介 〜Coloridas〜


Our 2nd ethical guest brand (28th Sep -20/Nov) in Omotesando Shop is “Coloridas” from Brazil.
This accessory is made of golden grass growing in particular area in Brazil. Artisan in this area makes accessories and jewelries by hand. Producers and artisans are earning living by this production. Very light and soft shininess is very attractive for this season. Please come by our shop and check them out.

Guest brand :第1回ゲストブランドのご紹介 〜 Sulci 〜

表参道SHOPでの第一弾ゲストエシカルブランドは、フィリピンのカゴバッグ、Sulci(スルスィ)です。代表 である編み作家の関谷里美さんが自らフィリピンに赴き立ち上げたエシカルブランド。セブ島の工房では、たくさんの編みこさんたちが日々編み技術を習得しながら、作業しています。やしの葉っぱ、ラフィアを使った、ナチュラルな色使いのバッグが大変人気。

We are introducing an ethical brand as our guest brand at our shop in Omotesando.
Our 1st guest brand is Sulci from Sebu island in Philippine.
Bags are handmade by women in Atelier in Sebu, made from 100% natural Raffia.
Products are available until 10th September.

7月POP UP SHOPS @伊勢丹新宿、阪急梅田アジアフェア

Pop up shops in July to August

こちらが今年の春夏最後のPOP UP SHOPとなります。

7月20日〜8月9日@新宿伊勢丹5F  West Park 「カゴバッグと布」
Coloridas,Sulci, Akirakとともに開催
7月27日〜8月2日@阪急梅田アジアフェア 9F
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